woensdag 22 juli 2020

Muniick- Upcycled Vintage Sewing Machine Garden Planter w/ Rose

So in love with  all  this creator makes

                                      Upcycled Wooden Drawer Garden Planter w/ Poppies
                                    Upcycled Vintage Sewing Machine Garden Planter w/ Rose

All details

Muniick Antique Bird Cage

HISA - English Garden Shed ( groupgift )
HISA - La Petite Cloture -fence
HISA - La Petite Cloture - Stone Path
Hisa - Gift - Lanterne D'aurora
Apple Fall Copper Shovel & Pitchfork
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 2
Nutmeg. Sojourn Low Chair All Colors  ( collabour July)
Nutmeg. Sojourn Tray Bonus Item
tarte. hanging planter (cement)
tarte. hanging planter ( groupgift )
Dahlia - Joanna's - Plate Console Table - Brown

donderdag 2 juli 2020

Muniick Coraline Kitchen for Cosmopolitan event

 Coraline Kitchen for

june 29  till  july 11 

The Sink Cabinet is the controller for the cabinet tile color of your kitchen. Once you have the cabinets arranged, you can click the tiles behind the sink to pull up the texture changing menu. This will change the colors all cabinet parts, you do not have to link them together for this to work.
--6 color options for the tiles--
The Table, Chair, Rug, and Cookware have individual texture changers, you will need to click each of those to change the color to your preferences.
--5 color options for the table and chairs, 6 color options for rug and cookware--

The Coraline Kitchen has 4 cabinets that you can sit at, each will pull up the AVSitter Menu once you sit, props are included on all Prep animations.
• Coraline Double Cabinet A -and- B have the same animations and props.
• Coraline Kitchen Oven has two prop animations
• Coraline Kitchen Sink has a washing dishes animation with prop

• Kitchen Sink water can be turned on / off by clicking on the faucet.
• Oven Door opens / closes on touch
• Oven Clock has 24hr timezone settings by clicking on the face of the clock
• Oven Hood has a light that can be turned on / off on touch
• Refrigerator Doors open and close on touch
• Refrigerator has a light that can be turned on / off on touch
• Tall Cabinets and Double Cabinets with glass doors all have doors that open and close on touch
• All plates, glasses, and bowls have a singular piece if you unlink the group.
• The Coraline Decorative Top Shelf is optional and can be used for tall rooms. Please delete from your setup if your room is not tall enough
• A seamless back wall section is included so you can hide the seams if part the backside of the kitchen is exposed in your setup, find it in the extras box. Stretch this to desired width with 'Stretch Textures' turned off so the texture repeats and doesn't stretch.
• Retro Decorative Panels are included in the extras, these can be used to fill in gaps on the uppers that have no cabinets.

Cabinet Pieces:
• Coraline Double Cabinet A
• Coraline Double Cabinet B
• Coraline Single Cabinet Left
• Coraline Single Cabinet Right
• Coraline Corner Cabinet Left
• Coraline Corner Cabinet Right
• Coraline Tall Cabinet Left
• Coraline Tall Cabinet Right
• Coraline Kitchen Sink & Cabinet
• Coraline Kitchen Oven &  Cabinet
• Coraline Refrigerator
• Coraline Refrigerator Wood Backing
• Coraline Decorative Top Shelf (extras)
• Coraline Top Beam (extras)
• Coraline Formica Dining Table
• Coraline Dining Chair
• Coraline Round Rug
Decor / Cookware / Stoneware / Pizza:
• Coraline Rolling Pin
• Coraline Cutting Board
• Coraline Soap Dispenser
• Coraline Recipe Book
• Coraline Kitchen Cooking Tools
• Coraline Mixing Bowls
• Coraline Pitcher
• Coraline Dinner Plates
• Coraline Salad Plates
• Coraline Soup Bowls
• Coraline Cups
• Coraline Frying Pan
• Coraline Sauce Pan
• Coraline Dutch Oven
• Coraline Roasting Dish
Coraline Kitchen Back Wall (For exposed backside)
Coraline Retro Single Panel Decor
Coraline Retro Double Panel Decor

Muniick Verdana Sideboard
Muniick Stoneware Coffee Mugs
Muniick- Coraline Pitcher
Muniick- Coraline Dinner Plates
Muniick- Coraline Coffee Mug Stand

[Hutspot] Little Plant in mug - green

 Vintage Spring Book Stack
hive // wall pot rack . silver

Apple Fall Old Build 
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 2
Apple Fall Stacked Magazines
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 13
Apple Fall Kingsbury Pendant Lamp

dust bunny . kitchen clutter . potted herbs

peaches. Rustic Accents -  Wall Baskets
Dahlia - Jacqueline - Centerpieces - Pink / 

Serenity Style- Lost in time define yourself frame
Serenity Style- Lost in time hanger

floorplan. french plates
Paper.crowns - catplant - cactus -
tarte. book stack
Little Boxes Coffee Pot (green_

hive // wall pot rack . silver

woensdag 1 juli 2020

× ::Code 8:: Garden Shed - Complete Set

set contains : 

Garden Shed 7li
Horse planter 2li
Planter Shelf 1li
Flowers 0.75li each
Chair 2li - 10 animations
Birdhouse 1li
Bell 2li - click to ring it
Doormat 1li
Cabinet 1li
Table 2li
Shovel 1li

availble  in the store 

details used 

Muniick Terracotta Pot Small 
[Empowered] Backdrop

Nutmeg. Getaway Ladder Gift
Nutmeg. Getaway Outdoor Shower PG Gift
tarte. old clothesline (light wood)
ReKa. Tulips
4. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Books & Coffee
Apple Fall Copper Shovel & Pitchfork

vrijdag 26 juni 2020

Aphrodite Heart Homes "La vie est belle"

Heart Homes 
 "La vie Est Belle" couch 
Availble at

Jenna Gazebo 
Jenna Curtain White

 Arabian Hanging  Lantern 
Arabian Standing Lantern

 Luxury Hanging Decor

summer peony bouquet FLF
bag full of peonies

 hanging planter (cement)
hanging planter

Mayas -

 backyard fence panel / FLF

Anna Erotica
 Tropical Grass


 tropical plant3

woensdag 24 juni 2020

Muniick Lowell's Outdoor Bar

                                                            Lowell's Outdoor Bar

 the Lowell's Outdoor Bar with Barstool and Beer Bucket!
To change the color of the bar, click anywhere on the front boards to pull up the menu.
Right Click the top of bar and sit to get the animation menu.
To turn the faucet on/off, click anywhere on the metal part of the sink.
Click the stools anywhere to bring up the color, changing menu. Right Click will sit.
Drink givers are on some of the animations on both the bar and the stool. I've also included some extra beer bottles and cans for to use as decoration.

Special Thanks Zel Colton for the shootlocation   Alpha Moon 

Aphrodite Peacock wicker set

                                                              Peacock wicker set 

 Peacock wicker Set Rug
"Arabian" Tea Set
Peacock wicker Set - Table
 Peacock wicker single seat
 Peacock wicker couple sofa  - Adult (2.0
 Peacock wicker single chair
 Arabian Standing Lantern -in more colors 
 Peacock wicker Flower Frame 
Flowers to decorate 
 Arabian  Hanging  Lantern -in more colors 

Special thanks to Zel Colton  for his Beautifull  Alpha Moon Sim 

zondag 21 juni 2020

ChiMia:: Triple Bookcase & Decor

Triple Bookcase & Decor
Availble in the Main shop

Refuge - Lissanna Photo Ladder Light Wood

MN Betsy Stepladder
Apple Fall  Old building
Apple Fall  Monogram Luggage Bag

Apple Fall Globe w/ Books - Cream
4. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Books & Coffee
Thank you RJTijger for posing  with me