donderdag 15 augustus 2019

HEC & Seredipity

WetAware Tintable 
BORN STAR Monokini

Pose Auora ( Bento) 

Shoot  location 

Elise wear

Hair - Sandra

Noelle Head 

Minimal ( sponsor) 
 Letal Bracelets Silver

dinsdag 13 augustus 2019

The girl in the mirror wasn't who I wanted to be and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have.

Fairytale Mirror

- Letal Bracelets #2# 



Amy's Corner Lamp

Photo Booth - Escape (With window light) (Rez)

laundry basket

lauren bathroom . bath bombs
lauren bathroom . radiator . silver

 Window Sit

Elise wears 

 - Marsella Bento

 - Niki Janes  and socks (Coal)

Crop Fur Top - Group Gift

 { Fiorella } Black

woensdag 31 juli 2019

Refuge - Spark Lamps

Spark Lamps

Beautifull lamps thats sparkle 
Various options 
A real  must for your home 

Decor items 
[Harvest] Cabin Verenda 

Wingback Chair 
8. Apple Fall Roses Jug
AF Tea Time Teaset
4. Apple Fall Blanket Curio 8
West Village Grace Tufted Sofa - Cream,
AF Vintage Camera w/ Tripod
AF Dress Form w/ Dress 4

Boho Loft - Side Table

Candles and Rose Petals

 miniature/H. mary {light} 10Li RARE

 Salad Days - Cloche

Aphrodite Fearless Chef Bread Maker for Adults & Kids

Fearless Chef Bread Maker for Adults & Kids
It makes everyhting fresh for you ! 
Also for  kids loads fresh items 

Availble in the store 

Decor Items

 Block Kitchen RARE

Sneaky Snacker :: Ice Cream Pug

 Plastic Bin

 kitchen clutter . full set 
spice rack 
utensil pitcher .
potted herbs
paper towels
 dish drying rack 
banana hanger
cutting boards
rabbit ear sponge cake . group gift
berry cake . group gift

 Rustic Accents -  Wall Baskets

hanging planter

The Family Jewels ( retired) 
 kitchen herb garden
~Strawberry Cake~
~Chocolat Cake~

dinsdag 30 juli 2019

*Petit chat * Birdy Set

Availble for the

 Birdy Set

pallet seat swing (light) 
Boho summer chair 
Boho palm & plant stand
Boho summer rug

 Gracie Living Room - Blanket Basket

 Kitten Booties
Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static - Sleep

Macarons on Sketchbook


 Mar & Tierra -  Coastal hanger

Decorative Lights-gift

~Ground Cover Cherry Blossoms 

The Family Jewels Pavilion 
( retired)

maandag 29 juli 2019

Aphrodite - Heart Homes Outdoor Cinema

<Heart Homes> 
Outdoor Cinema 
Outdoor set 
84 animations and 3 props

Comes with a huge screen 
1 decor 
1 You Tube 

Availble in the store 

Decor items 

 Retro Backdrops *1* RARE

Lecha Wine Cart - Seashore

 Packing Light Decor
Old Town Clock

THE Beachstore ( no info atm) 
Mini Palms Whicker Round

boho palm & plant stand 

Drunk Girl 6 

music Guy acoustic guitar

Amalfi String Lights  - Fiesta (scripted)

Wine & Cheese Set

zondag 28 juli 2019

*Lurve* and Serendipity

Tropical Swimsuit Incl Headpiece

 anastasia... (bento)

Tropical Fun Swimsuit in Teal
Availble in more colors   Incl  Matching Headpeace

Background and water
 Elise Onmura 

HEC & Seredipity

HEC   EMMA  WetAware Tintable  BORN STAR Monokini Serendipity.  Pose Auora ( Bento)  Shoot  location  Carolina Carol...